The National Independent Lifeboat Association (NILA) is a charity that was formed in 2022 to promote and support independent lifeboat organisations across the United Kingdom.

NILA’s mission is to give a voice, assistance and advice to the growing community of independent lifeboats across the United Kingdom, creating a valued, professional and recognised resource for water-based search and rescue.

Our community has a shared vision and values, providing an opportunity for collaborative development and training while allowing members to retain their independence.

NILA’s Aims


To facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice among members.


To give members a voice within the SAR community, as well as to Government and other agencies.


To raise the profile of independent lifeboats and ensure their value is recognised nationally.


To build relationships with SAR suppliers offering economies of scale to members.


To support members with meeting necessary standards and cut red tape.


To facilitate joint training and develop training resources for members.


To share grant funding opportunities and offer fundraising advice.


To build a library of online resources for the exclusive use of members.


To raise awareness and encourage greater recognition of members’ contributions.

If your independent lifeboat organisation would like to join NILA, please complete the application form:https://forms.office.com/e/AbTQ1JJMKH

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