Declared Facility and Rescue Boat Code Lead:

Rob Matthew

I was born and grew up in Bradford and still travel back most Saturdays to watch the Bantams. In 2001 I moved to the East Coast, finally locating in Port Mulgrave which is a small village situated between Staithes and Runswick Bay. In 2010 I joined Runswick Rescue, achieving helmsman in my first year with the crew. In 2012 I moved up to be Crew Leader with the brief of obtaining Declared status under the new Rescue Boat Code. In June 2018, Runswick Rescue became the first station to be declared under the new code. I had to leave the crew in June 2022, but wanting to remain within independent rescue boats applied for a role with NILA where I have been appointed Declared Facility and Rescue Boat Code Lead. My brief is to assist those that are not declared and are seeking declared status, as well as to support those stations that are declared in maintaining code compliance, working alongside MCA.